Launching a new experience!


What is NFT Coins?

NFT Coins is a token which has been designed and created within the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), a quick and de-centralized trading platform, based on a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm.
It will be the default token for all transactions being made on NFTCOIN.MARKET, a platform that once launched, will work as a crypto creation’s marketplace, by means of which creators converting their work to a non-fungible token, will be able to take profit from the support given by the community to their work.
Creators will make unique works and will be able to exhibit them in a platform that connects them to a broad audience and to potential buyers interested in acquiring their unique work


NFTCOIN.MARKET will be a platform which, once launched, will allow crypto creators of all kinds to promote, expose and spread their creations to community members.
It will be a platform with no limits for the creators to launch their work to a new audience, making their talents take off to new frontiers.
The platform will work as a crypto creation’s marketplace, which will be exhibited and later acquired by community members through direct purchases or auctions by using the platform’s native token: NFT Coins.

Why Binance Smart Chain?

Adopting the BSC is a no-brainer. We aim to maximize transactions efficiency at the same time we minimize costs, by using a network we foresee as comparable, if not superior, to Ethereum’s in the future.

Ultra-limited supply

The total supply of NFT Coins is 101 million tokens. This makes of NFT Coins an ultra-fast appreciation token, ideal to walk along creators aiming to preserve value of their work

Low transaction fees

The use of the Binance Smart Chain and its low transaction fees will allow NFT Coins to be an attractive, affordable, and efficient solution for new creators interested in lowering the impact of commissions and fees on their work.

Token Utility

NFT Coins will be the default currency for the transactions being made on NFTCOIN.MARKET. Is a reduced supply token. That means, limited to 101 million tokens, thus its value will be rapidly appreciated and will launch once listed on a variety of exchanges and trading platforms. Likewise, the usage of NFT Coins as a default currency for transactions on NFTCOIN.MARKET will be the rocket engine driving the token to the moon.


NFTCOIN.MARKET will collaborate with a variety of NGOs related to the support of people with disabilities.
From NFTCOIN.MARKET we want to recognize these organizations by showcasing the work they do and the issues affecting a significative portion of our society.
We believe in universal accessibility for all human beings, and we want to contribute to the elimination of barriers blocking their participation in all sorts of fields, such as daily life activities, professional development and emotional growth.
In order to achieve this, we will promote contests, donations, and auctions over a portion of the works promoted and exhibited on NFTCOIN.MARKET.


The distribution scheme we decided, grants an orderly go-to-market and a balanced token holding, in order to maintain its value and avoid rug pulls or any kind of maneuvering

  • 30% of tokens will be destined to an Exclusive Pre-Sale
  • 58% of tokens will be destined to the liquidity pool in PancakeSwap and/or other exchanges
  • 2% of tokens will be destined to financing of marketing campaigns
  • 10% of tokens will be destined as retribution for developers and NFT Coins’ team (with a sale lock)




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